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Custom Ponies
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To Kelly's My Little Pony custom gallery.
This site is dedicated to the kind of MLP's that you'll never see on a toy store shelf.
You won't find any
"pretty princess" ponies on these pages,
'cause those girls just can't hang with my herd!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  Are you affiliated with Hasbro?
A:  No!  I am in no way affiliated with the Hasbro company.  These ponies are only fan art.  This is site for MLP collectors and enthusiasts.  It's not a business.
Q:  Do you sell your ponies?
A:  Sometimes, but not often.  If a pony is for sale, it will have an AVAILABLE tag above the photo.  You can email me for pricing.
Q:  Can I commission a custom pony from you?
A:  Yes, occassionaly I accept commissions.  However, this is a hobby for me, not a business, so I want to keep it fun.  Send me an email with your concept and if I like it, I can do it for you.  *Pretty princess pony ideas will NOT be accepted!  I don't like them and
Q:  How fast can you do a commission? 
A:  Since this is only a hobby for me, turn around time varies.  I have a family and a small business, so expect to wait a few weeks, depending on how much free time I can find.  Sorry, there is no way for me to speed things up.  If you want a pony as a gift, please plan ahead!

In the workshop:
Japanese Tattoo Pony


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